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My first photo session of starting up my own in-home photography business and yes one of them million stories of how something went wrong but all at the end it was pretty successful for the first time. Now, the things that I usually do in studio was totally opposite when it came to my home studio (smh). Previously to this 2yr B-Day photo session, I had my son's graduation to go to and the following day a Continental Breakfast Pinic. So of course, I'm taking images of everything (must I add after the pinic at my son's school which was on their park like playground he suggested he wanted to go to the park w/o everyone crowding the yes more pictures....with all that said "Oh NO" 1) battery ranned out...had to charge for about 30min 2)MMT had his the way I knew him since he was a newbie and have been taking portraits of him all the time 3)CF card got FULL 4) camera was BUSY so I missed some great candid images, however I did gain some of them back. So I guess that's it. OH WAIT DID I FORGET TO MENTION I ALMOST ERASE ALL OF THE IMAGES & HAD TO WALK AWAY TO CATCH MY COMPOSER FROM THE ALMOST DEVASTATED WRONG MOVE. I'm glad the camera ask you Are you sure you want to delete? Yes or Cancel Well with all that said & turned out better than I thought considering it being my first's some images. Later on I will have a relating blog to your first photo session the pros & the cons. Comments are welcome!

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