Calgon...Take me away! Image Series

I was inspired by this Photographer on DeviantArt this morning and had to do a little something of my own. I want to know what you think? Please comment because there's more to come. This image of my daughter gave me the idea to create a Calgon look although she maybe too young for this product but I'm sure when we get on our kids cases they feel like ugh just take me away (because they get on ours at times lol). Calgon has 19 different fragrances for their product line. I want to do at least 3 more of these cre8tiv looks with different images not of my child so who ever is in the surrounding area email me if you want to be my pratice target for this image series. So guys can you help me out and tell me which fragrances should I do next or what you would like to see and tell me why? In the process of me cre8ting this look it made me want to purchase one. I got my $1.00 off coupon which will be for the fragrance that agrees with my nose. :)

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