Happy 40th BDay,Ontario

Celebrating Chris G of Riverside 40th B-Day in Ontario at Dave & Buster's showroom. This was the blast from the past "dressing up 80's" theme party. Seeing friends I've grew up with that I haven't seen in about 10yrs (not counting the world of facebook) but, reuniting face to face brung back so many memories. I myself have not had so much fun in so many years and I am happy to be apart of this party besides I was also invited to photographed this event by one of my best friends forever, Kanita (below) who threw the party, "isn't she BEAUTIFUL" looking like a celebrity. Alright enough of the blog so enjoy the photographs.

The banner was cre8ted by myself and my talented daughter Queenasia. My 13yr old drew the face & I tagged the name.

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