2014 Models Celebrating Valentine's Day.

 Here's my striking beautiful daughter Lizzy who will often model for the camera naturally. I love her eyes, smile and modeled personality. The following image of her standing with her eyes shut was caught candidly, a moment of her lovely smile brightening the room even while working with light. My heart speaks to me at different times and moments in a spiritual aspect, so I was spiritually inspired to edit John 3:16 scripture for Valentine.

Introducing my 2014 four year old model Aniyah Monae. She has a bright personality with a friendly attitude. She's too funny & smart! She loves to talk and likes Hello Kitty and tutus. Thank you for being a good model. See you real soon!

Late offers subject to affordable minis. I had a busy schedule and sick family that I weren't able to post Valentine's Day minis so I am offering 3 edit images for $25 with a free Facebook timeline banner. Til February 28th 2014. Next mini: Easter/Resurrection & Spring.

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  1. Your work is really beautiful!


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